Executive Search

Sourcing Senior Appointments.

Widely considered as the most thorough process particularly when utilised in sourcing senior appointments, specialised skill sets or team hires. This process involves a JS Careers consultant being comprehensively briefed on the skill set that is being sourced including required experience, depth of experience, management abilities, technical skills and remuneration structure. 

A detailed discussion will also focus on target organisations in the local and international markets where potential candidates may be sourced from, and feedback provided regarding availability of suitable profiles in the market. JS Careers is retained on an exclusive basis to conduct a full market search, involving discreet discussions with all relevant individuals, resulting in the provision of a comprehensive report on suitable candidate profiles and motivational factors. 

This proactive recruitment process ensures the most complete market coverage.  Candidates sourced within a retained search will be available for the exclusive selection by the client until discounted from the process.

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